The simple grapefruit, rich in vitamin C and other minerals, is also endowed with a white covering just below the rind (which many choose to discard while eating).

This ‘white cover’ is very rich in bio-flavinoids, their function is to help the body absorb and retain the vitamin C of the grapefruit; and like so – all other citrus fruits share the same trait..

Such is the beauty of a truly natural diet; a perfect balance of high nutritional content, where every substance has its right function and balance – not to mention, the wholesome taste & feel..

In the quest for profit however, there are many who alter natural produce in order to complicate life for the consumer, many of which end up confused as to which product they should choose to better their health, creating more dependence on the supplier – a vicious cycle.

Utilising technology, thousands of variations from the original raw material can now be created from laboratories, ranging from the vitamin pills (which are still in vogue today), notwithstanding the outrageously high RDA content (recommended daily allowance) – in this case the body absorbs only what it needs, the rest ends up being flushed immediately through urination in the case of water soluble vitamins, while the fat soluble vitamins build up in the muscle fat, leading to toxicity..

And like the vitamin pill, the most persistent presence, even in established ‘organic-health’ shops are the so called ‘natural extracts’ utilising extraction methods to favor a chemical from the rest of the substances of the original, natural product.

So next time you see ‘standardised to contain…. , extracted from, or extract’ you should know that what you are about to consume was not plucked from a tree and handed to you, but emerged in a laboratory – with the original equilibrium distorted.

industrial alcohol extraction
Alcoholic extraction leaves traces of alcohol, killing enzymes in the process – which are key to metabolise substances in the body

Here at Fountain of Life Integral Products, our products are what they are – Integral, meaning, all the original components are untouched and unaltered as Nature intended.

Only the Sun is used to dry the raw materials, which are then ground into a powder for ease of use – Perhaps we can call this the grapefruit mentality

Good day !

Fountain of Life
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