First off, most animals never attempt to bite humans unprovoked, the majority of incidents involving animals is when they are either disturbed, feel threatened and mostly when the mother protects her young.

For venomous bites or stings whilst located far from medical assistance – the proper first-aid and preventatives must be applied:

  1. Protect self from further snakebites (snakes can deliver more than one venomous bite – with one you still stand a chance; with two bites – hardly) however most bites do not contain the poison since the snake tries to preserve its precious protein for its prey
  2. Identify the snake’s markings (this will be save valuable time for the medical preparation of anti-venin – every particular snake has its unique venom & corresponding anti-venin)
  3. Keep wound lower than heart
  4. Remove any constrictive clothing
  5. Keeping very calm, and breathing deeply to slow the circulation (and thus poison flow)Snakebite_symptoms
  • Concentrated pineapple or papaya extract contains the enzymes “Bromelain” and “Papain” which disable the protein within venoms, rendering them harmless – a high concentration extract can be placed directly within the wound
  • Activated Charcoal Powder can be placed into wound (if open and deep) in order to absorb the venom
  • Vitamin-C Powder also disables the protein within venoms, making them ineffective

For Ingested Poisons (including overdose of drugs/alcohol) immediately swallow activated charcoal tablets (as directed) this provides an instant relief and fully absorbs the harmful chemicals partaken

For protection from severe pollution, a breathable packet or cloth can be utilised and packed with activated charcoal powder and placed in filtration systems, air-conditioning units or pollution masks

The powder readily absorbs dangerous micro-particles, bacteria and pathogens (legionnaires disease can be contracted from continuous exposure to air filtration units – which serve as a breeding ground for such parasites)

Activated Charcoal Powder

A Note on Activated Charcoal:

One gram of Activated Charcoal has a surface area of over 100 square metres; its absorption power is therefore immense

It does not harm the body in any way, and is widely used as a detoxifier, for wound disinfection, digestive problems, odor removal, water and air filtration et cetera

Activated charcoal is not regular charcoal; it is prepared from non-toxic woods, steamed and heated intensely to open up microscopic pores within the carbon in order to increase its absorption capabilities

However it should only be used when necessary, as it also absorbs the body’s minerals and nutrients – it makes no distinction between toxin and nutrients, it simply absorbs everything!


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