Our teeth are living, in 1 millimetre squared there are over 50,000 microscopic tubules which continue to form throughout life and contain fluid and cellular structures – they are literally the living veins of the tooth….

Dentinal Tubules

There are two ways how to deal with tooth health and oral hygiene:

1. The Superficial Way

Smoking, artificial foods and sugars form excess bacteria and acid by-products which seriously damage the teeth.

Unless the tubules aren’t clogged by commercial toothpastes, especially brands “for sensitive teeth” – (which actually work by blocking the dentinal tubules), the tubules react by sending pain signals to the body to stop this behaviour.


Flouride toothpastes work to counter the erosion formed through an unnatural diet by strengthening the enamel. Flouride is more poisonous than lead, and slightly less toxic than arsenic! It also increases the uptake of other poisons.

The amount of Flouride within toothpastes is very minute, however builds up in the body after continuous use.

2. The Integral Way

Anyone who values their health realises that there is no tooth health – but body health which influences everything else in the body, including the teeth.

A proper nutrition and avoiding harmful substances will greatly contribute to strong teeth and a sound oral hygiene.

By eating healthy foods, the tubules are utilised to their full extent by continuously transporting minerals to the tooth structure, strengthening and nourishing them.

The better alternative for commercial toothpastes is to use two very simple, yet powerful ingredients:

  1. Salt (natural Sea Salt – and not chemically derived salts)
  2. Sodium Bi-Carbonate (Baking soda)

The rock salt is crushed with a pestle and mortar and added in a 30-70 ratio (to remove strong taste) to the baking soda.

home made toothpaste

The resulting mixture is anti-bacterial and whitens the teeth.  Also, this combination helps to re-mineralise the teeth – it can be used as a toothpaste alternative, or carried around as a “portable tooth mineraliser & mouth freshener!

Some Tips

Rub the inside of a banana peel into your teeth to supply them with valuable minerals & whiten them
Lemon is a powerful anti-bacterial & mouth freshener, also containing alot of minerals.
  • Brush teeth well, especially the gums; (apply the same pressure as the weight of an orange – otherwise with vigorous brushing you might scratch and damage the tooth surfaces)
  • Possible also to gargle using this same simple recipe
  • Eat naturally and well, so every mineral also sinks in the tooth to help this mineralisation process
  • Oat straw, Sea kelp, Horsetail, Coriander and Parsley all help to maintain tooth health and re-mineralise the teeth
  • For sensitive teeth, chew raw Cloves and for problematic gums apply Aloe Vera to soothe and heal them


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