Exclusive Adventure Asia is back !


A most unique opportunity to experience the real Nepal & India

Enrich your life through witnessing unique Cultures, breathtaking scenery, & delicious cuisine from some of Asia’s most special places – while traveling under the complete safety & expert guidance of select guides.

You may travel with us to any of these unique destinations:

Option 1 – NEPAL :

Trekking the world famous Himalayan regions, (a sound level of fitness is required).

10-14 days of travel.

Option 2 – INDIA :

Rest & Recreation in one of the most authentic Ayurvedic ashrams of the Southern regions.
Get in touch with yourself during a tailor-made programme specifically designed for your body type.

10-14 days of travel.

Option 3 – NEPAL & INDIA :

Experience the best of both worlds, witness the journey of a lifetime in a combined visit to these countries.

~28 days of travel.

Bookings available all year round
Trips scheduled on demand

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