Mission: To simplify the world of nutrition and personal care, by serving products of the highest purity – having the widest spectrum of benefits and applications.

A range of products so effective and versatile, they can replace your entire home care, personal care and nutritional needs.

Fountain of Life products are :

1. Safe – 100% natural ingredients, no artificial chemicals and processing: Untouched – as from Nature – into your hands

2. Wide range of health benefits

3. Cost effective and hassle free

Have you heard of . . .

Aromatic waters that can be used as body/facial misters, having unique fragrances with aromatherapy benefits which could also be used to deodorise linen and clothes?
Nutritional tonics, so comprehensive they need no other supplement to complement them?
Handmade, natural soaps – lovingly made and cured for 9 weeks, using the best local produce?
Laundry detergent so safe it can be composted after use, and can also be adapted for any cleaning application, including pet shampoo?
A complete skin care solution which is jam-packed with vital minerals and vitamins – so pure it is edible?
Healing oil, nourishing to the skin – which can be used for any skin condition – from wrinkles to scars, from insect bites to eczema – also having strong antibacterial qualities which make it ideal for use as a natural deodorant?


Yes hard to believe – but here we like to keep it simple, and look forward to your choices and full satisfaction; enjoy good health and a joyful lifestyle with Fountain of Life Integral Products.
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Fountain of Life
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